1. Who is Ralph Ahcor ???

I am an artist... 


2. What do you do? 

Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Web design, Photography, Videography,  Editing, Design, PR, Packaging, Shipping, Receiving and everything else.  "I just wanted to create clothing" lol

3. Where do you want to go, or what are you looking for?

Foremost I want to go to Heaven... and I'm looking to impact this world globally before I go.  Abraham Lincoln once said  "You can't help the poor if you're one of them".  Well then, I'm going to become a billionaire creating the best urban/preppy ocean inspired luxury brand thus far.

Nautica clothing did 2 billion last year... all is posible.

My amazing beautiful wife always tells me, stop acting crazy!  I always respond "I'M NOT ACTING" 

To be continued...